Saturday 2 April 2016

11Y4M 9Y6M ご飯はお母さんが作るもの Cooking is mum's job!

Takara prepared some Korean pear for us





I don't have much work since January and I've decided to concentrate on Aratakara's swimming training, Arata's English study as well as curving them into independent boys.

"Cooking is mum's job!"

Aratakara has believed it for a while. I don't know if it's an influence from Arata's Japanese school environment or Kureyon-shin chan and Dorae-mon cartoons, in which mothers are all housewives. Or simply because they seldom see their dad cook for us.....

During this spring holidays, I have asked boys to help me out with putting up washed clothes and cooking. At first, Arata tried to switch on the rice-cooker just after pouring rice grains into the pot. But now he knows rice need good wash and water before the cooker takes him over. And after a couple of cuts in their fingers, they now know how to cook Japanese curry rice.

Takara in particular has started to show his independence and creativity. He often prepares his toast when he is hungry without asking me, and occasionally prepares fruits for us after dinner, which is quite a comparison with Arata's still great dependency on me.....

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