Tuesday 23 August 2016

11Y8M 9Y10M Broken foot? 足骨折!?






I was supposed to drive Kaori and Yuta to the airport. But when I tried to reach the security door at Gurney Beach before it was slowly closed, I slipped! It'd been raining and the floor was slightly wet, as well as all of us were holding big boxes and shopping bags.

The couple ahead of us didn't hold the door, although they saw us coming. It's typical here. I don't like this attitude in Malaysia. I often feel that they rather want to go first as they will waste their 'precious couple of seconds' if they wait.

I still thought I would be alright. But when the taxi arrived to pick Kaori and Yuta up, I couldn't walk. They sent me to Island hospital instead on their way.......

I waited for 2 hours but my turn didn't seem to come. I was quite sure by this time my ankle was fractured - for the first time in my life. Kyoko came to help me, as I couldn't even go to the toilet nor get water.... She helped me to go to Gleneables instead. To my relief, the X-ray showed my foot wasn't broken but as I couldn't walk, I had to buy a new pair of crutches.....

On the following day, I was much better and I didn't need them but the hospitals here don't seem to rent them. I only used them for 2 hours. Very expensive!!

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