Sunday 21 August 2016

11Y8M 9Y10M Summer holiday 夏休み

The sun set from E&O hotel, where Kaori's family stayed, was fantastic!

Kaya toast shop at Pulau Tikus プラウティクスのカヤトースト屋さん

Goh Huat Sent Steamboat ゴーハッセンスチームボート

Sri Ananda スリアナンダ

When Kaori's family was in Penang till last year, it was actually their second time to live here. The family love Penang much much more than us, and they know lots of interesting places that we don't know. We went to the places we don't usually go this summer.

Entopia - former Butterfly farm エントピア(元バタフライファーム)


As they have lots of homework, they sat for 2 hours everyday at the business centre of Evergreen hotel. I was the tutor!


This year, the durian season was quite long and they could still taste some. Kaori sometimes cooks for us at home. We had a really good holiday.....

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