Tuesday 24 January 2017

12Y0M 10Y3M 日本人学校水泳記録会 PJS Swimming gala





The last swimming gala at PJS primary group. Arata has been training at CSC since July and he has started to show some improvement. Kai, particularly, has worked hard towards breaking the school records and Arata also decided to go for it.

One child can only choose 3 events, of which they have to do 25M free. We knew Arata would be able to break 25m and 50m backstrokes, but it sounded too easy for him. I suggested him to forget about 25m back and swim 25m fly instead.

He wasn't successful in 25m fly and free by just 0.1sec. Some mothers said it must have been better if Arata  had swam 2 backstroke events. But I think it was more important for him to challenge rather difficult targets. In anyway, he's a school record holder of  50m backstroke for year 6 boys.

The 4 x 25 free style relay was also quite exciting to watch. PJS year 6 boys won over Uplands year 6 team. Well, they were actually one year younger than our boys, but it was still brilliant as PJS hasn't beaten Uplands for a long period of time.

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