Tuesday 14 November 2017

12Y10M 11Y1M やれやれ、最近の40代は・・・What a heck are you all 40s doing....







Takara was affected by my true age.... or the fact he was lied for a long time..... My excuse is "I didn't lie, I just didn't tell you the truth." Anyway, he is outwitted. From his favourite cartoon, Crayon Shin chan, he often says "What a heck are you all 40s doing...?" and he's already started to use the same phrase, changing the number to 50...

When Takara learnt the truth, I gave him a couple of names of the mothers of his friends who are the same age as me. One of them is his classmate at SCIPS. Interestingly, Takara has already discussed about what happened with this friend. This is what Takara told me...

His friend also believed his mum was 38 till recently. I guess hiding real age is quite common globally especially for older mums??

Anyway, Takara was told, "You should've checked your mum's passport!" (I was prepared to say 'my passport was wrong' if I'd ever been challenged, though!)

By the way, the boy learnt his mum's real age when he checked about her on wiki. This makes me laugh..... (His parents are well-know here and and their info is easily found on web...)

Anyway, at least Oliver has found a friend with the same issue....

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