Wednesday 26 May 2004

10W 2D 胃炎と腹痛 Stomach ache and bad gut




It must be gastritis. My stomach still hurts. It's like the stomach-ache caused by stress. I had no appetite whole day today. Is this caused by the worries in the last couple of days? I went to the French class after work as I felt a bit better but my stomach started to kill me and I left earlier. As mom told me that I am lack of iron, Jason bought some red meat as expected. It's New Zealand lamb! But I could not finish all. I don't know if it is my intestines or womb but I have some pain in my tummy...

As I am not bleeding and should be alright but it's very dull pain. I have had it for a long time but I feel it is a bit stronger than ever. If a pregnant woman has some fibroids, as the baby grows, the fibroids sometimes also get bigger and they are occasionally regenerated. Scary! But unless I take another ultrasound, I will never know how big they are now. Having fibroids increase risks of miscarriage, I did not know that. If I have to suffer this dull pain from them for another 7 months, it will be a nightmare. Well, I just decided to lie down with a hot water bottle on my tummy.

The private doctor I contacted yesterday has not got back to me today. Following Cathy's advice, I booked another appointment with a different doctor at the surgery. It' on Friday. Probably it will be much easier to talk to GPs face to face. I will make clear all the pending issues. I feel a bit relived.

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