Tuesday 1 June 2004

11W 2D 食欲旺盛 My appetite is back!

今日は胃腸の調子がいい。ほとんど完治したようだ。朝はご飯一杯、昼は御結2つ、クロッテッドクリームのファッジを大量に消費。フレンチクラスの前にはクリスプス。そして、夕飯はソーホーにあるJINという韓国料理屋に Jason を連れ出し、参鶏湯と冷麺を食べた。よく食べるから、当然歩いても疲れない。先週のあの疲労はやはり食べられないことによるガス欠が原因だ。「歩く」という動作にこんなにもエネルギーが必要だったと、初めて気がついた。

きのうキャシーの友達のステラに電話してみた。彼女は35才の初産で産んだ3才の子どもがいる。マタニティードレスは最後の2、3ヶ月だけ Dorothy & Parkins の安いズボン、スカートを一着ずつ買ってしのいだそうだ。4ヶ月目ぐらいからは、一回りサイズの大きいズボンを買ってみたらそれでいけたらしい。私もお腹の周りがきついのが結構苦痛なのと、おへそが見えちゃうような短いトップしか持っていない問題がある。対策を練らないと。ところで、ステラは結果的に帝王切開になったらしいが、お勧めしないと言っていた。何って言ってもしばらく安静が必要で、運動なんかも6週間ぐらい禁止されたそうだ。その上、痛いんだって。帝王切開がいいって思ってたけど、どうしよう。


My stomach and gut are doing well today. Nearly normal now. I had a bowl of boiled rice in the morning, had 2 rice balls for lunch, and consumed lots of clotted cream fudge at work. Before going to the French class, I had some crisps. For dinner, Jason and I went to a Korean restaurant in Soho called 'JIN' and had Samgetang and Nenmyon. More food, less tiredness. I don't get tired by walking any more. The fatigue in the last week must have been due to the shortage of petrol by not eating much. I did not know walking needs so much energy!

I rang Stella, Cathy's friend who gave birth at 35 3 years ago, yesterday. I mainly asked about clothes. She only bought special clothes in the lat 2, 3 months of her pregnancy. She bought a pair of trousers and a skirt from Dorothy and Parkins, they have cheap maternity range. After the first 3 months, she just bought one size bigger than usual. My problem is all my trousers are quite short and tight around my tummy and most of my tops in the wardrobe are very tiny and short; you can see my belly button. These are not really good for the time being. I have to buy some proper clothes. By the way, Stella ended up with Caesarean. She does not recommend it to anyone. According to her, after the birth, she needed to stay quiet for about 6 weeks and was also banned not only exercises but also lift heavy stuff, which was really inconvenient for looking after a baby. What's more, it was very painful for her..... I wanted to have mine by Caesarean but what shall I do now...

Julia Roberts is expecting twins in the beginning of next year. I envy her, it's twins! Her babies will have almost the same birthday as our baby!

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