Thursday 3 June 2004

11W 4D また出血 Bleeding again


だんだん、気持ちの準備ができてきて、きのう、きょうと、なゆみ、Katariina、ますみちゃん、郁子さん、うえだ、そして、マレーシア、シンガポールにいる古い友達たちにニュースを伝えた。マレーシア軍団は、たまたまトニーとメールやり取りしてて、Ting が入ってきて、言うつもりはなかったのに、勝手に妊娠してると勘違いされ、面倒だから、本当の事を言った。Ting は5月に Kayliちゃんという女の子のお父さんになったばっかり。George も最近お父さんになったらしい。みんな同級生になるなあ。まあ、こうなったら Paul にだけ言わないのはおかしいので、彼にもメールした。


I had some bleeding again last night. It was quite bright red at first but only a little bit. I put on a sanitary pad and went to bed. This morning and just now, I had a slight blood flow, which was brown in colour, but probably it was blood from last night and the bleeding itself must have been stopped. I contacted Keiko and asked about the bleeding. If there are no stomach ache, amount is little and colour is brown, probably no worries. If I can keep pregnancy for 12 weeks, the chances of miscarriage drops, for 16 weeks, I can be quite confident as the placenta will have completed by then.

I feel more confident about my pregnancy and am getting ready to announce it to my friends, and I have started to tell my close friends. I've told the news to Katariina, Masumi, Ikuko, Yoko Ueda and my old mates! in Malaysia and Singapore since yesterday. To Malaysian friends, I did not intend to tell them, but while exchanging e-mails and texts with Tony and Ting, Ting misunderstood that I was pregnant without me telling that. I then decided to tell them the truth because there is no point to correct his misunderstanding. Ting became a dad of a baby girl named Kayli in May this year. George also must have been a dad this year. All children, including mine, will be able to be good friends! And I also decided to tell Paul in Singapore my news.

I worked till 9 PM today.

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