Saturday 26 June 2004

14W 6D 子宮頚癌再検査 Repeat smear test




It was a bit scary but I have to take a repeat smear test. I did take one last December. Does it take half a year to send me the repeat smear test announcement? Probably it's because I have moved since.

Last December, my period did not stop and I was worried that the menopause had finally started. I did all sorts of checkups including pregnancy, urine, STD and smear test. Other results were all clear. Since I did not receive any results on smear test, I have been thinking it was also good. GP told me at the time that it occasionally happens to women that period does not stop for a long time. I checked about it on the internet as well, and I found if we did not release an egg after the last period, the period becomes very light but keep going for a couple of weeks. My symptoms were exactly like those and I was not worried much.

Smear tests can not be done during the period. When I took one in December I still had a slight bleeding. I hope that's the reason I have to go back. Anyway, I booked a test on 7th July. But is it no problem to have the test during pregnancy?

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