Wednesday 30 June 2004

15W 2D ウインブルドン Wimbledon



明日は初めて Midwife(助産婦)とのアポイントメントがある。どんな出産方法から選択できるのか聞くつもりだ。せめて無痛分娩はしたい。

Tim Henman lost today at Quarter finals with a straight sets by an unseeded 20 year old Croatian. It was a quite surprising lost. They played during the day and my colleague Danny and I were both following the score on the internet. After Tim lost the first set with a tiebreak, he was outplayed by the Croat in the remaining sets. One of the reason I support Tim is he does not easily give up. He tries to get any single point to cling to the game. In my 'biased' opinion, it is very unusual for the Westerners! He is not a really superb player but because of his attitude of 'never give up', his games are always entertaining. He lost quite easily today, though.

Another young, about 18 years old, Russian girl beat Japanese Sugiyama at Women's singles yesterday. Sugiyama and Henman must be around the same age, in their late 30s. In today's Japanese newspaper, it is said that Sugiyama lost to the age difference. They are only about 10 years different but public think Sugiyama is 'old'. This is really terrible. The mothers I will mix with in the future though my child will probably 20 years younger than me.... This is a bit scary....

I am having my first appointment with my midwife tomnorrow. I am going to ask her what choices I have on delivery. I at least want to chose non-pain delivery.

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