Thursday 1 July 2004

15W 3D 助産婦に会う Midwife

今日、初めてミッドワイフに会った。一時間ぐらいかけて、妊娠出産簿みたいな、A4版の大きなノートに過去の病歴、家族の病歴など、書いていく。最後に、血液検査用紙を数枚渡され、今から、Royal London Hospital で採血するようにと言われた。今日会ったミッドワイフはGPとダウン症スクリーニングでもめている時に何回か電話のメッセージを残してくれた女性とは違うようだ。彼女はネイティブイングリッシュスピーカーだったけど、今日の女性は、実は英語がすごくわかりづらいのだ。黒人女性で大人になってから英国に来た、私みたいなタイプだろう。何を言ってるのかよくわからないのは本当に困るからちょっと不安だ。彼女が出産まで立ち会うんだっけ?

ミッドワイフアポイントメントの後は会社に戻るはずだったが、結局行くのをやめた。会社のデスクの上を片付けないできてしまったのが気がかりだけど。Toshさんにその旨を伝えるために電話したが、同僚になんて言い訳していいかわからないし、面倒くさいから、 Toshさんから同じグループのみんなには妊娠の事実を伝えてもらうことにした。上司には、人事を通してから言いたいので、あす、あるいは来週早々に言おうと思う。まあ、ここまでくれば流産の可能性も少ないだろうし、言っちゃっていいだろう。女性陣はなんとなく気がついていたかもしれないけどね。Tosh さんにお願いしたのでちょっと気が楽になった。なんて切り出したらいいのかわからなくて、ちょっと気が重かったからだ。

Antinatal Book



I met my midwife first time today. She filled in a big A4 size notebook with my and my family's medical history etc taking about an hour. She then gave me a bunch of paper of blood test and asked me to go to the Royal London Hospital straight away. The midwife must be the different one from who used to call me about 13 week screening a couple of weeks ago, who spoke quite clear British English. The one I met today is a chubby black woman who must have been an immigrant like me. Her English is difficult to understand as she has a very strong accent. It is really annoying that I do not understand clearly what she is talking about as even with clear English, it would be still difficult for me because there are so many technical terms. Do I have to be with her till the delivery?

I was going to go back to office after the appointment but I decided not. I was a bit worried that I had not tidied up my desk, though. I rang Tosh about not returning and also asked him to tell my colleagues about what is happening to me. I thought it may be difficult to lie to them any longer. I am going to let my bosses know separately through the personnel soon. I felt a bit relived as Tosh broke the news for me. I've been quite nervous about how to tell them the news.

The blood test do not need any appointment. I just walked into the Outpatients. A black man took my blood. He was quite jolly and he works listening to the music, Coldplay. When he saw me he said, 'You do not look like Japanese. Are you not a half Caucasian? Japans tend to have more round face and your eyes are rather Chinese ones.' It was the 4th time this year that I was told I looked a half Caucasian. When did I become a half Caucasian???

I needed to have 6 different blood tests. He prepared 6 tubes and put them in front of my eyes. I was taken aback by the number of the tubes and said, 'Are you going to take so much blood from me??' I really thought I was going to faint afterwards.... The details of the tests are quite difficult to understand for me. Well, I will check them if there are some problems in the results.

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