Sunday 18 July 2004

17W 7D 下腹部の痛み Abdominal pains




We went to Jason's friend 's birthday party in South Ealing yesterday and we could only manage to catch the last train back. We must have been tired. We did not wake up till nearly lunch time this morning. We were talking about going to cinema this afternoon but we ended up sitting in the sofa all day. Jason and I were sitting side by side quietly working on PCs....

Tosh san has suggested me having some photos on my Weblog and I've decide to work on it. I created albums for Bournemouth and Brindisi holidaies and created links to my Weblog. I also added a couple of photos to other days of diary. For the 8th of May, I uploaded our baby's scan photo at 13 weeks. My parents and probably Jason's mom will definitely get excited to see that.

I have had sharp abdominal pains in the last couple of days when I turn while sleeping or getting up. I had the same pain when I ran a little bit to catch a bus yesterday. Was it really bad to go to Italy last weekend? I've started to worry about this. I was going to phone the Midwife emergency line if the symptom never eased today. But as I was in sofa all day, I did not have much pains. Jason anyway decided to check it on the net. According to some site, in the second trimester, it's quite common to have abdominal pains when we suddenly move, such as getting up or moving quickly. It's because the uterus is growing fast and we feel some pains. If the pain goes after a coupe of minutes, we do not have to worry about it. If it is a sign of miscarriage, usually, we experience bleeding first and pains later. Mine is nothing like this and I think I do not have to worry about it.

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