Monday 19 July 2004

18W 0D 母からの小包 A parcel from my mom

Ed に見せると、「Top Shop - 英国の若い女性向け服のブランド- のTシャツで十分ね。」だって。胸の周りだけにぴたっとくっつく腹巻みたいなTシャツをイギリス人はよく着ているけど、あれのことを言っているらしい。実は私も同じことを考えて、先週、Drothy のTシャツ売り場で同じデザインのTシャツを買おうかと迷ったのだ。でも、胸の辺りに着るそのTシャツをお腹の周りに試着する気になれずあきらめたのだが。


Belly Belt

Ed に見せると、「Top Shop (英国の若い女性向け服のブランド) のチューブ(筒型)Tシャツで十分ね。」だって。胸の周りだけにぴたっとくっつく胸巻みたいなTシャツをイギリス人はよく着ているけど、あれのことを言っているらしい。実は私も同じことを考えて、先週、Dorothy のTシャツ売り場で同じデザインのTシャツを買おうかと迷ったのだ。でも、胸の辺りに着るそのTシャツをお腹の周りに試着するのは、なんだか違うと思ってあきらめたのだが。


I received a big parcel from mom at work. Last week, I suddenly felt the crave for Rice Crackers and asked her to send me some. I especially love the rice crackers with roasted soya beans from Taishido. As well as strawberry short cakes from Cosy Corner, I usually stuff myself with plenty of Soya bean rice crackers whenever I am back in Japan for holiday. My colleagues in the same team all love rice crackers regardless of their nationalities and we were all crunching on rice crackers throughout the day. Thank you, mom!

Mom also sent me the 'Tummy belt'. It's Wacoal, Japanese famous lingerie brand, made and probably a good one? Well, it just looks like a simple tummy warmer for children. I have started to sleep naked because underwear and pyjamas make me feel uncomfortable around my tummy. But during night, I often kick the duvet and wake up being cold. I was wondering whether there are any good ways to avoid baby from catching cold and I have asked my mom to send me a 'tummy warmer'. On the phone, I simply asked her to send me an ordinary 'tummy warmer' but she insisted that 'tummy belt' can do. I had never seen it before, and I was thinking that the tummy belt is very hard belt like a long piece of cloth. When I saw the belt she sent, I got it! It's just a very stretchy supporting 'tummy warmer'.

I showed the tummy belt to Ed. She said it's like a tube T-shirt at Top Shop. Women here often wear a T-shirt only covering around our breasts and she meant that kind of T-shirt. In fact, I also thought the same way last week and I went to a Dorothy and Parkins shop to look around. I decided not to buy one, though. I felt it was not quite right to try on a tube T-shirt around my tummy....

I am going to try the tummy belt when I go to bed tonight.

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