Wednesday 21 July 2004

18W 2D 19週目 19th week




ところで、この、少しぽっこりとしたお腹、意外と硬いのでびっくりした。イメージではもっとやわらかいのかと思っていたが、そのイメージって Jasonのお腹の脂肪のイメージだものね。その話しをじゅんこさんにすると「当たり前でしょ、硬くて。羊水があって、張っている中に赤ちゃんがいるんだから。」ちなみに、私のお腹より、まだJasonのビール腹の方が大きい。


I do not have much appetite today. I did not feel like eating particularly for lunch and dinner. Hopefully, I will feel hungry tomorrow to make up for today. Probably I got up early to take early shift this morning. When I was on the bus on my way back, I really fell asleep as if I were on train in Japan. I must be tired. Need to go to bed early today.

We seem to start to feel baby moving from about 19th week, according to some internet sites. I've tried touching my bump waiting for the baby when I lie down in bed but so far I have felt nothing. Or rather, I can not tell if it is my intestine or baby which is moving. An experienced mom can feel baby earlier. Jason even put his ear to my tummy to check if the baby was there, but he could not make out the noises from baby's. As I had been so worried that I do not know if the baby is still alive, because no signs!, Jason decided to search some sample 19 weeks pregnant women's photos on the net. I felt much better. My bump is just average size!

The trousers I bought from M&S became too tight long before. The ones from NEXT have also started to get a bit tight for me. When I am sitting at work, I have to unzip them a little bit. I sometimes forget to do it up before standing up..... I think it's time to buy another pair, probably a proper maternity pair. Dresses look more comfortable but it seems your feet will be too cold? Don't know what to do.

I have another discovery. The bump is actually quite hard. Harder than I expected. I've been thinking it is as soft as Jason's bear belly. When I told about this to Junko, she said, 'Of course, it is quite firm. The baby is in the very hard balloon filled with water. That's why it is protected.'

Jason's belly is still bigger than my bump.

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