Wednesday 4 August 2004

20W 2D さくら?それとも、ウルフガング? Sakura or Wolfgang?

今日は杉村さんの送別会がパブであった。飲めないしちょっと行って帰ろうと思っていたが、Tosh さんが Jason も呼んじゃえって提案したので、彼も参加したから結構遅くまでいた。Gucci、私のボスのさかもとさん、社長の山上さんに「Congratulations!」と言われ、「ありがとう」って日本語で答えていた Jason。さかもとさんとは初顔合わせだった。彼は3人の子持ちで奥さんは私と同級生。子育ての経験は豊富だ。「お腹の赤ちゃんっていうのは、『生きよう!』と一生懸命だから、ちょっとのことじゃギブアップしないよ。だからあんまり心配するな。」と言っていたのが印象的だ。



There was a leaving do for Sugimura san at a pub. Since I can not drink at the moment, I was going to stay for a short while. But Tosh suggested me calling Jason, and as he joined us, I stayed longer. Gucci, Sakamoto san and Yamagami san said to Jason, 'Congratulations!' and he always answered to them 'Arigato' in Japanese! It was the first time for Jason to see my boss Sakamoto san. Sakamoto san has 3 kids and his wife is same age as me. He has lots of experience in children. It was quite impressive that he said, 'Baby in the uterus is trying hard to live and it will not give up easily. Don't worry too much!'

It's tomorrow that we are going to the 20th week screening. We may get to know the sex of the baby. We used to call the baby 'Sakura' as she/he was conceived in Japan in spring. But we stopped calling like that as it is just a girl's name. We have been calling the baby simply 'Akachan' ('baby' in Japanese) recently. At work, my colleagues are calling her/him 'Wolfgang'. Well, Ed once asked me if we have any ideas of baby's name. I told her that we may give the baby 2 names, Japanese and English, or a name which can be both Japanese and English. I added, 'Some German names, like Karin or Erika, can be Japanese as well.' Then Dan interrupted me saying, 'Ok, if the baby is a boy, how about "Wolfgang"?' It's quite a rough sound German name and of course he was joking. But since then, 'Morning, Chiko. How is Wolfgang?', my colleagues have started to call the baby.

If we get to know the baby's sex tomorrow, I shall give him/her a better nickname!

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