Friday 6 August 2004

20W 4D 子供の名前 Baby's name

男の子の名前・・・。JasonのRumney家では、長男のセカンドネームに伝統の名前をつけることになっている・・・ということを初めて聞いた。その3代以上続いているミドルネームは「パトリック」。Jasonや彼のお父さんのミドルネームだ。と言うことは、赤ちゃんが男の子なら、ミドルネームはこれで決まり。「だからファーストネームは日本名でいいんじゃないかな」と、Jasonは言う。日本名なら漢字一文字で表せるシンプルな名前がいいと思う。でも、なかなか浮かばない。あ、そうだ、ひとつだけ、昔から気に入ってる名前があった。それは新(あらた)くん。その昔、新さんという男性が知り合いにいた。その時以来、「日々これ新たなり」(中国語では、’日日是新’ - ri4 ri4 shi4 xin1)の「新」って男の子の名前としてはいいなあと思い続けていた。数年前に理工の先輩、矢ケ崎さんが息子にこの名前をつけたと聞いた時、「私も将来つけるからね!」といった覚えがある。


Han kan korean

Any nice boy's names...? Jason's 'Rumney' family have a tradition to give 'Patrick' to their first son as their middle name, which I heard for the fist time. For example, both Jason and his dad have 'Patrick' as a part of their names, and this tradition started more than 3 generations ago. It seems that our baby's middle name is going to be 'Patrick' and Jason said, 'We can give him a Japanese first name.' I want to give the baby a simple and nice name which can be represented in a single Japanese Kanji character. I've been thinking about giving my child a name Arata () since about 20 years ago. One on my friends at the time had this name and I thought it's quite a good name. '新' means 'new' and there are a couple of different pronunciations for the character in Japanese. It's read 'Arata' in a proverb 'Each day is a new day - Hibi kore Arata nari.' (Originaly from Chinese proverb '日日是新' - ri ri shi xin.) A few years ago, one of my friends, Yagasaki san, named his son Arata and I told him that I will give the same name to my future baby boy.

I browsed through on-line Kanji dictionary. There are some other possible good names. Futoshi (: means 'big'), Takeshi (: from 英国- Britain, also means intellect), Ataru (: from 中里 - my family name). The Kanji '新' for Arata is not only found in my favourite proverb, but it's also a part of the Kanjis representing 'New Zealand' (新西蘭) or 'Singapore' (新嘉坡) where I lived for 2 years before. It seems 'Arata' is leading at the moment in our baby's naming competition, but probably I will have a look more in Kanji dictionary.

I again went to a Korean restaurant for dinner with my colleagues. We went to the restaurant 'Han Kan' at Tottenham Court Road. I ate lots. For lunch, I also cleared a big portion of spagehtti meat source. I just scaled myself and it was 59.8 Kg. Well, I am not the sort of person who always watches my own weight, and to be honest, I can not remember how heavy I was before. But, it couldn't have been over 59 or even 58.

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