Sunday 8 August 2004

20W 6D ハムステッドヒース ピクニックコンサート Picnic concert at Hamstead Heath

Gypsy Kings 1Gypsy Kings 2




We went to a Picnic Concert at Hamstead Heath yesterday. It was Gypsy Kings night, actual Gypsy Kings were there. I started to like the group when I was in Canada but it was the first time to go to their concert. The weather was marvelous and it was a good picnic day! Tosh san and the others were there early and we went to the Heath at about 6 o'clock. It was still quite hot on our way....

The Gypsy Kings played/sang mostly new songs. But as all of the tunes are quite similar in their music, I did not feel left behind. But when they played their well-known pieces, of course, the crowd stood up, danced and sang along. It was quite funny that most of the crowd could only sing the main tunes. It's same as me! After all they sing in Spanish. They are going to produce a DVD based on this concert.

During the concert, I was also dancing or moving my body and I probably did not realise this. But on our way home, in tube, our baby was out of control! He kept kicking me every 10 seconds. As I am still not used to the ticklishness, I jumped and screamed each time. The baby must have been dancing all the time. Sumiyo told me that this kind of music is probably not good for the fates music education. Well, Latin music will be one of our baby's collections.

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