Thursday 12 August 2004

21W 3D 羊水漏れ? Water leaking?







I did not have much abdominal pains this morning and I was feeling better. But when I went to the toilet at work, I found some watery discharge in my underwear. Is the baby water leaking? Only 2 days ago, a doctor checked my cervix was closed and no bleeding nor watering....

When I could not decide whether to call the midwife again, mom rang me. She had read my weblog about abdominal pains and worried since. I told her my problems this week and mentioned about water leaking. She suggested me calling a doctor.

Jason also e-mailed me saying I should contact midwife for just in case. Ok. I called the midwife help line again. My usual midwife, the kind one, called me back. I explained that the pains had subsided, it was only a small amount of water and no more ever since. She asked me if it is really baby water but I could not tell if it is urine or baby water, of course. She said that the baby water has its distinguish smell and I need to wear a sanitary pad so that doctors or midwifes will be able to tell what it is. The she suggested calling the Labour ward again. If the water is leaking, it may cause some infections to the baby.

I called the Labour Ward after getting home. I was told to wear a pad in the meantime and if the watery discharge come out again, call them.

I have not paid attentions to discharge much. Probably I have always had watery discharge? I smelled it but can not tell. It's definitely not urine, though.

I will go to bed early again.

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