Sunday 22 August 2004

22W 7D レイククルーズ Lake cruise

フィンランド旅行 20/08/04 - 29/08/04 Day 3




Summer holiday in Finland 20/08/04 - 29/08/04 Day 3

I could not sleep very well last night because of some abdominal pain. I felt better this morning but am a bit worried about it as we are planning to go to Helsinki tomorrow. The problem fibroids must have started to be activate again.

We had a lake cruise. We took a bus to Ruovesi, which is about an hour from Tampere, and got on a boat. It was very nice and old, about 100 years old, boat which has a restaurant and a bar inside. We had lunch at restaurant and I had Salmon soup. It also seems to be one of the Finnish specialities and have lots of small pieces of salmon in it. The cruise itself was 4 hour long to Tampere. All land is covered with pine trees. The scenery reminds me of Muumin story. Along the lake line, natural bush is grown, which looks like good fishing point. Air is fresh and sky is clear. Very refreshing. I felt a bit tired during the cruise and had a rest for a while in a small room equipped with sofa. The cruise cost about 36 Euro including the bus ride to Rudesi.

I should not probably have gone out to feel the cold wind just before arriving in Tampere. Terrible abdominal pain started to attack me after getting off the boat. From the jetty to the town centre, I had to stop to sit down for a couple of times. It was too painful to keep walking. We wanted to have nice warm dinner but most of the restaurants were closed. It's Sunday. We decided to get in one which serves Viking cuisine. All the customers seemed to be tourists like us. I ordered red deer and reindeer BBQ. First time to eat reindeer.... but quite soft, softer than red deer, and not bad.

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