Monday 23 August 2004

23W 0D ヘルシンキへ Helsinki

フィンランド旅行 20/08/04 - 29/08/04 Day 4




Summer holiday in Finland 20/08/04 - 29/08/04 Day 4

In Finland, most of the hotels provide breakfast, sauna and children's play room for guests. The selection at breakfast buffet is really good. It usually includes fresh vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce or nice pancake dessert. At Scandic hotel in Tampere, they also had black sausages, which are the region speciality in Tampere. Black sausages are like Irish black pudding. Northern Europe seems to be 'Child friendly' area. Play rooms for kids are found not only in hotels but also in Intercity trains. Potties for small kids are prepared in most of the ladies toilet, even in the train or boat. And of course, Sauna is originally from Finland.

I could not sleep well last night as the abdominal pain got worse. I tossed and turned sweating during night. We stayed in the hotel till 12 o'clock, just before the checkout time, then decided to head for Helsinki as I felt a bit better. It took about 2 hours for 30 Euro by Intercity. We booked a student house for 2 nights. Student house is usually for university students but it is open for tourists during summer holiday. It's 70 Euro per night. It's quite cheap for weekday rate in Helsinki, but no shampoo nor soap. Never mind.... it's cheap accommodation.

We saw Katariina for dinner. We went for drinks at a bar in the hotel near Helsinki rail station later. It was quite interesting that they serve Katariina's favourite cider (alcoholic!) with ice cubes in it!

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