Tuesday 24 August 2004

23W 1D 休息 Having a rest

フィンランド旅行 20/08/04 - 29/08/04 Day 5



Summer holiday in Finland 20/08/04 - 29/08/04 Day 5

I took 3 tablets of Co-Codamol. The instruction says that you can take 2 tablets each in every 6 hours but I took 1 every 6 hours. Anyway, it worked and when we saw Katariina yesterday, I was fine. My pain was still there after the tablet effect died away at night. I sweated again from the pain and could not sleep well. I decided to stay in bed this morning and Jason went to look around Helsinki on his own. When Jason came back, I decided to go out to have lunch as the weather was really good and I felt a bit better. We had a light meal at a cafe, which is like the one in Paris, sitting outside with other tourists. There are two well dressed women playing violin as a street performance. They were really good. They played well known classical pieces. I felt much better by then but I still could not walk around lots. We decided to take a circular tram to do a bit of sightseeing of Helsinki, then went back to the hotel to rest. It costs 10.80 Euro for 3 days (72 hours) tram ticket.

We went to a Russian restaurant 'Troikka' for dinner. It is said that you can have the best Russian in Helsinki. Probably the same theory as the best Indian restaurants are mostly in U.K.... As I did not have much appetite, I only had Piroshiki and Bolshichi, then ordered some dessert called 'Russian tea tray'. On a small cute tray, there were a cup of tea, jam for tea and several tiny biscuits and caked. The jam was not the usual strawberry jam you can get in Japan, but jam with several sorts of berries. Finland is a 'woods' country and you can pick berries or mushrooms in the woods everywhere and they are being sold at every single corner of the town.

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