Wednesday 25 August 2004

23W 2D タリン Going to Tallinn

フィンランド旅行 20/08/04 - 29/08/04 Day 6




Summer holiday in Finland 20/08/04 - 29/08/04 Day 6

I've felt much better today. Fibroids seem to have stopped harassing me. We took time this morning and left for Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, after lunch. It takes 1.5 hours by ferry from Helsinki and costs about 30 Euro for a return ticket. We found a hotel after arriving Tallinn. It is about 100 Euro per night and this is the most expensive hotel we have stayed! We have decided to stay for 2 nights.

Its old town is the centre of the tourism. There are lots of churches including spectacular Russian church, old European buildings and small allies. We were ripped off at a cafe, they charged double for the main Jason ordered for lunch. It's like one of the Asian countries, they try to cheat tourists! I started to feel more alarming as if I was in Asia.

We went to a Japanese restaurant 'Amija'. The owner must be Japanese because an album of Yuming in 80s and Takeuch Maria best were being played as a background music. They are both same collections as mine. Probably the owner has been abroad as long as I have, about 15 years, because he or she as well has not been updated with new Japanese pop music, like me. It was about 10 pounds each for appetizer, main and dessert. Accommodation is expensive but other prices seem to be quite low.

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