Sunday 29 August 2004

23W 6D フィンランドの中華 Finnish Chinese food

フィンランド旅行 20/08/04 - 29/08/04 Day 10





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Summer holiday in Finland 20/08/04 -
29/08/04 Day 10

It's time to go home. We were planning to leave for Tampere in the early evening and we spent some time to do a bit of sightseeing in Turku. We walked alongside the river towards the sea to the Turku castle, which is located in the end of the river. It's not as close as we thought. We stopped at a cafe to have lunch. Sandwiches in Finland have lots of fresh salad and very nice. A cup of water is served free in Finland, too. I ordered a donut as well. I don't know why but I've felt like eating something sweet in the last couple of days. I usually don't like sweet much...

A princess called Kataiina used to live in the castle. It's the same name as my friend Katariina! It was really warm and nice day. I had a nap on a bench by the castle. Having a nap in a park while on holiday.... my most favourite moment.

After arriving Tampere, we went to a Chinese restaurant to have early dinner. There was one Chinese looking waitress but no other customers. I ordered Chinese tea. But she did not understand 'tea'.... I tried to pronounce 'Chinese tea' in Mandarin for a couple of times. She then understood what I wanted. Unusually, they did not have any Chinese tea! Very strange as a Chinese restaurant... We ordered some soup but it was not typical Chinese. Main was ok but 2 dishes we ordered both tasted like 'Japanese' Chinese dishes. This reminded me of a Chinese restaurant in Quebec in Canada. When I ordered some fried noodle, fried spaghetti was served.... This Finnish one was as shocking as the one in Quebec! It was cheap, though. Only 20 Euro for 2.

After bearing 2.5 hour flight in a really narrow seat of Ryanair, we came home safely after midnight.

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