Wednesday 1 September 2004

24W 2D お腹と胸のかゆみ Itchy bump and breasts

Clarince oil


* 肝臓や腎臓での老廃物の代謝排泄機能に負担がかかっていると、処理しきれず肌に症状が出る

* 妊娠すると肌が敏感になるので、肌に直接触れるものには、妊娠していなかったとき以上に注意が必要(これまで問題のなかったシャンプーや乳液でもかぶれることがある)。生理用ナプキンやおりもの用シートのようなパット類や下着、化粧品やシャンプー、パーマ液などは全て刺激になる可能性もある。こういった肌への刺激を少なくするために入浴時や洗顔の時にしっかり洗い流す。

* 妊娠中はホルモンの影響で体質が変化したり、新陳代謝が活発になって汗をかきやすくなるため、かゆみや湿疹、かぶれ、アトピー性皮膚炎などの肌のトラブルが出やすくなる。全体にかゆくなるものを「妊娠性皮膚」、お腹や胸、太ももなどに赤いブツブツができ強いかゆみをともなうものを「妊娠性痒疹」といい、妊婦さんの2~3%にこうした症状が見られる。



In the last couple of days, my breast and tummy around my bump have been really itchy. Especially, there are some rash around my tummy. The Internet says:-

* During pregnancy, metabolism is more active and kidneys or liver will be overloaded, which causes some rush on the skin

* During pregnancy, skin becomes more sensitive and sometimes those substance which was not a problem before may cause allergic reactions on your skin. It's including sanitary pads, underwear, cosmetics, shampoo....

* During pregnancy, because of active metabolism, pregnant women tend to sweat more, which causes itchiness, rash or any sort of skin troubles. 2 - 3 % of pregnant women suffer from more serious rash, called by particular medical terms.

In my case, probably tummy belt or tight bra cause my problem?

I could not help scratching my breast putting my hand into bra at work today.... a bit embarrassing.... Sumiyo's sister had the same trouble during her pregnancy and she used Clarins 'Oil tonic' which worked well. It can also prevent stretch marks. I bought a bottle today and applied it to my tummy and breasts after taking a shower. It is said that if you take a cold shower after applying the oil, the result will be better, but I do not think I will go that far. Hope it will work.

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