Friday 10 September 2004

25W 4D 不眠で毛深い妊婦達 Hairy sleepless pregnant women



Sleeping on my back has started to cause some abdominal pain and I've slept on my side recently. But sleeping on my side does not give me any comfortable sleeps because the spine can not be straight, which causes slight backache. As a result, I have not slept well. I posted a message how to sleep during pregnancy to one of the pregnant women's sites. Lots of pregnant women have the same problem. One tip says that if we put a couple of pillows underneath head, shoulders and knees, we can sleep on our back quite comfortably. It is necessary to allow good blood circulation by doing this. I will try this tonight.

I have also realised that my tummy has been getting more hairy than before. During pregnancy, because of some hormone matter, hair tend to stay the body, this will be naturally back to normal after birth. The hairdresser who cut my hair 2 weeks ago also told me that pregnant women, surprisingly, have very good hair conditions, shiny and healthy. When I am shampooing my hair, the number of hair coming off seems to be less than before. This must be by the same theory. I wish the process would stop producing gray hair as well... but this does not look the same thing....

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