Thursday 23 September 2004

27W 3D マタニティドレスとストッキング Maternity Dress & tights


Pregnancy Tights


I went to work in the maternity dress my mom sent me a couple of months ago. The maternity clothes in Japan are all well designed, using good material and the design is cute. You will never see any British women wearing like this. They are showing off bumps, some of them are showing belly buttons without covering their tummy. Anyway, this dress must give away better that I am pregnant. Nicci said, 'I did not know you are pregnant!' And Coco said, 'Your bump has grown lots suddenly.'

To wear this dress, I bought a pair of maternity tights yesterday at M&S. The photo of the package is a bit scary... the bump looks like the back of turtle. It cost 5 pounds!! I don't think I can buy many. I have to wash them every day...

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