Friday 24 September 2004

27W 4D うつうつした気分 Light depression?





The feeling 'I don't want to go home' suddenly attacked me after work yesterday. Is it because I have gone home straight from work in the last couple of weeks? I checked my diary. I've only gone out with my friends 3 times in the last one month, including 2 lunch appointments on Saturdays. I used to go out for a couple of times per week. This unsociable situation has started to take a toll on my mentality?

Coming home straight after work means I virtually talk to Jason and Tosh only. I've started to call Tosh, 'J-chan, ...' by mistake.

If I could have a couple of pints after work, it would definitely help. I made an SOS call to Jason and we went to a Japanese restaurant 'Ginnan' to have Tempura.

This light depression has happened occasionally since a few weeks ago. I am a type of person who needs more than 1 thing to occupy myself to balance my mentality. Working as a Japanese teacher while I was a full time secretary in Singapore, joining 2 different circles at university, studying for university exam while playing softball for high school etc..... I have only 1 at the moment, going to work. Probably that's why I feel a bit bored. It will be definitely the right choice to go back to work after maternity leave. I will not be able to be a full time mum.

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