Saturday 25 September 2004

27W 5D てんぷらが食べたい! Want to eat Tempura!

Japanese Maternity clothes





I went to a Japanese restaurant 'Tajimatei' yesterday with Oishi san and Kawano. I'd never fancied Tempura but I wanted have it again yesterday.... It must be a craving in the third trimester?

Kawano and I were planning to surprise Oishi san by my pregnancy news. But no chance to win! He could immediately tell that I was pregnant. I was in 'the' Japanese maternity clothes. He told me that I never worn such loose clothes or even worn a coat on rather warm day. Well, I usually prefer tight T-shirt type clothes. and wearing light. He anyway has experience. He has a son. He told me that his wife was wearing something similar when she was pregnant. He even said, 'Is the baby due in December?'

I would tell Oishi san that I wanted to have children but my time was running out. So, he was so delighted with the news and he drank a lot of Sake! He told me that I will have a healthy baby because it was quite easy to get pregnant regardless of my age, without infertility nor repeat miscarriages.

Oishi san's son, 11 years old?, is also a half Japanese and a half Ghanan. Of course, his first language is English. But after having visited Japan for a couple of time recently, he started to tell Oishi san that he wants to learn Japanese. Good tip from Oishi san for our baby's bilingual education.

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