Sunday 26 September 2004

27W 6D 体が重い Heavy!



27W 6D

By the end of today, I will have been 28 weeks pregnant. In the next week, I will be in the 29th week, 8th month of pregnancy. The baby will grow to 26cm from his head to bottom, weighing 1.3Kg. He will start to open his eyelids. I will tend to be be more clumsy and forgetful. I'll have to be careful, for example, not to fall.

I feel my body is really heavy. I weighed myself this morning, when my stomach was empty, and it was 62Kg. It's really a hard work to turn my body during night or even to get up from a sofa. My back really aches when sleeping. Is it going to be like this till the end of the pregnancy???? Well, once the baby is out, we will have sleepless nights for different reason. Even though I have a confident in my fitness, I have no idea how much I will be able to manage....

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