Sunday 26 September 2004

28W 0D 赤ちゃんの頭の形 The shape of baby's head




Chiko at 0 years old



When I saw the baby's ultra sound photo of the 20th week, I thought the shape of the baby's forehead was from Jason. Because it is not flat but a bit slanting towards the top of the head. I thought it was really strange shape and I was worried if the baby did not have enough space to fit the brain! But when I looked at Jason's forehead, it's also slanting.

We checked Internet to see the ultra sound photos of the 20th week baby and found Caucasian babies have round shaped head. They reminded me of the American baby dolls which were sold in Japan when I was child. They were called 'Cabbage dolls' because the baby's head was like a cabbage. It had been said that the dolls were sold very well in the US but it was not successful in Japan. We all knew why. Those dolls were not realistic for us and we did not think they were cute. Well, it's like this, Caucasian babys' have round shaped head.

Does it mean that our baby has Japanese forehead? I pulled out my old photo which was taken when I was a baby. Surprisingly, my forehead was also like a slope. Our baby has oriental structure....

I am having the 28th week ultra sound check-up the day after tomorrow. I will get another photo and need to study it carefully! I also want to confirm if it is really a boy. After all, I want to meet our baby soon.....

(Do you recognise who the baby is in this photo?)

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