Saturday 2 October 2004

28W 5D さがみさんちで Meeting other mums






I went to Sagami's to meet other mums. She is organizing an Internet news group for Japanese women in the U.K. and some of them have experiences to give birth in the U.K.

I met 3 families including Sagami's. They all have small children of 9 months, 1 year 3 months, and 2 years and 3 months (?) old. It seems that the children are all about the same age, but a couple of months difference is quite big at this stage of life. The 2 girls, one year apart to each other, are a good example. The younger one trys to speak but we can not make it out. On the contrary, the older one can already communicate with us. Once babies reach this stage, it must be really fun to look after them! The youngest babies was only 9 months old but he already eats bananas or bread....

One of the mums took her son back to Japan when he was only 2 months old. He was sleeping all the way to Japan as he was just newly born, but when they came back to the U.K., 3 months later, the baby kept crying. He must had grown up to sense the outside world much better. Well, it's good news. I can take my baby to Japan during maternity leave. She also told me that she was planning to go back to work after 6 months but once she met her baby, she changed her mind. The baby is so adorable and has become the best thing in the world, probably above her husband? She's now thinking how to extend her leave. Interesting. Let's see how I will feel.

Some of them pointed out that my bump may be a bit lower than usual. I said, 'Probably, because my legs are short and my body is long.' Chika san told me that she also had a lower bump and she was wearing cloth type bump belt, which was really good. She needed her husband help to put it on, though. I'll probably try the one my mum sent to me.

By the way, I had met Sagami's husband before. When I played golf for a competition about 2 years ago, I rounded with him in the same group. Small Japanese society in London...

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