Saturday 16 October 2004

30W 4D 女性に囲まれて Surrounded by ladies!

Soho Japan 3

きょうはまなまちゃんのお別れ会が日本料理レストラン、Soho Japan であった。女友達は「ちょっとお腹さわらせて~。」とよくさわりに来るのだが、私達の赤ちゃん、女の子が触ると動く。きょうはほとんどが女性だったので、触られまくり!でも、緊張していたみたいでほとんどエンターテインしてくれなかった。みんなに「あらたくん」と呼ばれ、このまま新くんに決定なのか・・・。

Soho Japan 1
Soho Japan 4
Soho Japan 2

We went to Manama's leaving dinner at 'Soho Japan' Japanese restaurant. My female friends often ask me if they can touch the bump, and when women touch it, our baby reacts better. Most of us at Soho Japan today were female and my bump was kept being touched. He must have been a bit shy and nervous, he did not entertain us at all... And he was called Arata-kun by them. His name will be dicided naturally like this...?

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