Wednesday 20 October 2004

31W 2D フェイシャルがつらい Can not get relaxed during a facial



I had a facial session today. As electric device can not be used on pregnant women, Yana used steam to do deep cleansing. She put the upper side of the bed slightly up for me because my bump is quite big now and she knows it is more comfortable in this way.

It is really nice to have facial done as usual. But for some reason, the baby was really active during the whole session. On top of that, lying down on my back for about one hour was uncomfortable. I felt really out of breathe. So, I could not get relaxed much... I usually fall a sleep when Yana's massage starts but it was impossible today. I'd been thinking about coming again just before my due date but I decided not to do it. I will have to come back for the deep deep cleansing after birth.

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