Saturday 23 October 2004

31W 5D ベイビーショウ Baby show

Baby show




We went to the Baby Show at the exhibition centre in Olympia. There were lots of booths or areas of different baby and infant product manufacturers etc. We queued up at a couple of places to receive sample goods, like nappies, nappy wipes, baby food etc and we tested a few buggies. The place was packed with parents with small children.

We are thinking about using only disposable nappies but Jason has seemed to take interest in re-usable as well. Well, we saw a couple of companies demonstrating re-usable nappies. Babies anyway do not wear the re-usable directly but kind of pads are placed on the nappies and they can be flushed down the toilet. So it may not be as messy as we thought. We will probably try both disposable and re-usable.

After seeing a buggy 'XPLORY' from Norwegian manufacturer
STOKKE, we really wanted to have one. But it is quite expensive, about 500 pounds. When you look at a top quality product, it will become difficult to downgrade... very dangerous! I also saw quite a few parents carrying their babies using a sling. It looks quite handy as you do not need to push bulky buggies and both hands are free. If we can carry our baby with a sling in the first couple of months, we will not need a buggy for newborn and it will be much cheaper.... Jason is looking for baggies. I will let him decide on buggies, while I will chose bottles or nappies etc.

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