Friday 29 October 2004

32W 3D 第二回出産前クラス The 2nd Antenatal Class


1. プッシュしすぎない


2. 帝王切開

英国の平均帝王切開率は25%。Royal London Hospital では逆子や特別の場合を除き、「Too Posh To Push」 という理由での帝王切開(自己選択の帝王切開)は薦めていない。

3. 分娩前浣腸


4. その他事前に助産婦に伝えておくこと


パートナーがへその緒を切るか: 赤ちゃんの首に巻きついている場合、分娩中に助産婦が切ることもある

無痛分娩の種類: 笑気麻酔、脊髄から麻酔薬を入れるなどの選択肢

後産を自然に起こしたい場合: 通常注射で起こし15分後ぐらいに起きるが、自然放置だと1時間後ぐらい


Jason and I went to the 2nd Antenatal Class. Topics were about delivery. Today's memo.....

1. Don't push too much

Tend to push stronger than needed but follow midwife's instructions. Baby comes out slowly anyway and strong pushes sometimes cause episiotomy or the cervix swollen which ends up with longer labour.

2. Caesarean

Caesarean rate in the U.K. is about 25 %. At Royal London Hospital, except for breech position or some medical conditions, they usually do not accept caesarean request for the reason of 'Too posh to push'.

3. Enema before delivery

Upon our request to midwife.

4. Other issues to tell midwife beforehand

If you want the baby cleaned first before he is put on you just after birth: Usually baby is put without being cleaned
If partner wants to cut the umbilical code: In some cases, it is cut during delivery by doctor or midwife if necessary
The choice of pain relief: Gas or epidural etc.
If you want to have after birth naturally: Usually we are given injections to cause after birth

Very useful information....

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