Saturday 30 October 2004

32W 5D クラランスのオイルトニック Clarins 'Oil tonic'

昨日はドイツ出張から帰ってきたばかりの川野を捕まえて、Jasonと3人でLiverpool Street駅近くのタイレストランで夕食をとる。どうしても彼女から緊急に受け取りたいものがあったのだ。2ヶ月程前、お腹と胸が皮膚の膨張に耐えられずかゆくてしょうがなかった時に購入した、例のクラランスのオイルトニック があっという間に空になり、川野に一本、ドイツの免税店でゲットしてきてもらったのだ。




Yesterday, we went to dinner with Kawano at a Thai restaurant near Liverpool St station. She'd just come back from her business trip to Germany. Well, I wanted to see her urgently for the goods I'd asked her to get for me at Duty Free shop. It's Clarins 'Oil tonic' . I bought a bottle about 2 months ago when I could not stand the itchiness of my bump and breasts. The oil turned out to be brilliant and I've already used it up.

This oil, yellow in colour, include Geranium and Rosemary extracts, and it smells nice and soothing. From the day I started to use it, itchiness was miraculously gone. I expected slightly more greasy texture, but it's not that bad. It's also nice to have the scent spreading in the bedroom.

In general, I am not interested in cosmetics for 'body'. I've never finished any sort of hand or foot cream. Yet this oil has gone so quick. Of course, the surface of my bump and breast are getting bigger day by day and the amount of the oil to apply increase everyday. I reckon this new bottle won't last for 2 months.

Yes, the bump and breasts are expanding every day. My weigh is now 64 Kg. When I catch a glimpse at my body while taking shower, I feel very depressed. My body is so bumpy. The 2 mounts around my breasts are sagging being defeated by the gravity. I used to be very proud of the beautiful vertical and straight shape of my belly button. But now it is round and looks like a Japanese character 'の'. My body looks like a completely different creature. Is it really true that the body shape will be restored after birth as Madonna or Liz Hurley did?

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