Sunday 31 October 2004

32W 6D ハックニーのマーケットとファーム Hackeny Broadway Market & City Farm



その後、ハックニーのブロードウエイマーケット(Hackney Broadway Market)へ。住宅地の小さな通りに野菜やパン、チーズなどのマーケットが出ている。周りにはカフェも数件あってかわいい。こんなところがBethnal Green の近くにあるなんて思いもしなかった。近くには
ハックニーシティファーム(Hackney City Farm)


Yukiyo took us to a supermarket 'Wilkinson' in Stratford. I'd heard
they sell everyday goods for discount prices. It was true. We bought
some more nappies and bibs (3 for only about 70p).

We then headed for
the Hackney Broadway Market. It's in the middle of nowhere, or
rather, I did not know there was such a cute market near Bethnal
Green. Along a small street, there were cheese, coffee, bread,
vegetable etc stalls, and a couple of cosy cafes on the both sides of
the street. After walking through the market, we went to Hackney City Farm. We
had a late lunch at the cafe. This farm is free entry. There were
quite a few chickens and geese moving around freely in the area and
you can also see pigs, sheep etc. Most of the visitors were with
their small children: babies or toddlers. We will bring our baby to
see huge pigs!

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