Tuesday 2 November 2004

33W 1D NUKの哺乳瓶 NUK bottles

NUK bottles

ボトル、150cc(シリコン乳首S付き) と300cc(シリコン乳首M付き)をそれ



The NUK bottles I ordered on the internet have been delivered today. I bought 2 bottles each of 150cc and 300cc, all of which came with small and medium silicon teats, and one bottle cleaning brush. It's about 20 pounds with delivery charge. I only ordered them 2 days ago so it seems to be quite a quick service. I ordered them from Pharmacy2U.

The teats really look like the actual ones. Hopefully, our baby will like them. I talked about bottle steriliser with Tosh. He told me that they did use a steriliser for their 1st child but did not bother when they had the 2nd. In any case, it is recommended to sterilise bottles in the first 6 months only, and what's more, once babies start to move around, they will put anything into his mouth and 'sterilising' will be meaningless. We will do without it, unless our baby turns out to have sensitive stomach. Probably we will sterilise bottles in the boiling water from time to time.

As far as I know, at least in Japan and Germany, glass bottles are widely chosen. The reason is of course, the plastic bottles could potentially release some substance which contaminates babies. Interestingly, in the U.K., glass bottles are not recommended because of the possible risk of splinters chipping off into the milk. Anyway, glass bottles are not really available in the U.K. shops. It's worth checking If the bottles are made from 'polypropylene', safe plastic, but not including PVCs.

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