Tuesday 9 November 2004

34W 1D 助産婦定期健診 Regular Check up





Check-up with midwife. Today's midwife was Ann, the one who is in charge of our Antenatal Class. She told me my due date is on her birthday.

Unusually, the urine check was clear. Blood pressure normal. Baby's heart beat normal. Ann checked the baby by touching my bump. The baby was lying from the top left to the bottom right of the bump. I asked her, 'Which side is the head?' She said it was difficult to tell as both sides were quite hard and kept touching. Suddenly, she released her hands saying, 'Your baby does not like me.' The baby moved suddenly, probably wanted to tell her 'Stop it!' At this moment, he moved straight to my body with his head down.

According to Ann, babies at this stage still moves lots and the position keeps changing.

From now on, we will have a regular check-up with a midwife in every 2 weeks.

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