Saturday 13 November 2004

34W 5D 入院2日目 2nd Day in hospital

Curry lunch




Moniter my bump



When I woke up at 7 o'clock, I did not feel sick any longer. After having some cereal and bread, I went to the loo to take urine sample. I still felt a bit dizzy. I thought that I would feel worse if I kept being up and decided to have some more sleep.

I was woken up by a doctor and a midwife coming to my bed for checkup. It was already after 10 and Jason had been already siting next to me, which I did not know. I told the doctor that I did not feel sick but had still felt a bit dizzy in the morning, and that I had not eaten at all since yesterday lunch till breakfast this morning, I might feel better then but could not tell because I'd been in bed. This doctor was a non-British African and it was really tough to understand his English.... probably worse than my usual Indian female doctor's English at the Antenatal Clinic! Anyway, he also said that he did not know the exact cause but there may be a possibility of the placenta peeling off. He decided to keep me another night. My blood pressure was very low, 95-60 this morning. It's been like this since I admitted to hospital except for the time I just arrived, it was 147-90.

I was a bit hungry and wondered if we were fed. Yes, there was buffet style lunch and surprisingly, there was a choice of Indian curry, Chicken Korma! Curry at hospital? Most of the patients in the ward were Indian or Bangladeshis so this was quite understandable. After having lunch, my dizziness worn off. Was it not the dizziness caused by lack of food?

In the afternoon, I had another baby's heart monitoring. This must be a part of the everyday routine in this ward, like mothers' temperature and blood pressure checks. 2 belts are tied around my bump and small sound-picker devices are attached. The devices are connected to a box of sound amplifier and printer. While being monitored, baby's heart rate is being printed in the form of a line graph. Our baby is always so active during this routine monitoring. He keeps moving for nearly the whole 20 minutes. Usually just after the heart rate reaches about 150, my bump starts to make a couple of big waves!

By the early evening, I felt much better and I wanted to go home. I told a midwife that I felt so bored but she just said I would go home tomorrow. It was as if I had been under 'house arrest'....

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