Sunday 14 November 2004

34W 6D 入院3日目 3rd day in hospital

Roast beef lunch




I was refreshed after taking a shower last night. But I could not sleep well as I was mostly in bed yesterday even though I was not feeling that bad. I woke up at about 4 am this morning and finished 2 books Jason brought in for me.

By the way, there are a few mothers who are here for induction. I could hear somebody's groaning form somewhere in the ward. There is always at least one baby's heart monitor being operated and we can hear baby's heart beat like some kind of BGM. Jason said to me, 'I become sleepy being here.' Probably baby's heart beat has some soothing effect?

My baby's heart rate was monitored early in the morning, at about 6 am. After breakfast, I had some sleep. Jason arrived at about 10 but I felt so bored. I wanted to get out! For some reason, doctor & midwife checkup did not come to my bed till 1 o'clock. Was it a blessing in disguise? Because I had nice lunch, Sunday roast!! Very British! Actually, we have tea & biscuits served once in the morning and afternoon as well.

I was discharged in the afternoon. Doctors did not come to any conclusions about the exact cause. Jason and my guess was like this..... the dizziness was caused by dehydration and low sugar count, which then triggered feeling sick - motion sickness type. I'd had a quite busy week at work and I may have been under stress. In addition, office was quite hot on Friday afternoon but I did not even get up from my desk to have water or tea. I also had a quite light lunch, and probably, out of stress, I grabbed 3 packets of crisps one hour before I started to feel dizzy - sudden high salt intake. It was lucky that our baby was ok but I have to be more careful....

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