Monday 15 November 2004

35W 0D 誕生日 My big big birthday

Hot wash


さて、今日は私の誕生日!年は誰でも平等に取るもの、毎年私は進化しているわと、開き直るしかないね。ひろとこまちゃんからミキハウスのママ用バッグ、Jasonママからはかわいい手袋、実家の母からはワコールの出産後体型矯正ガードルのプレゼント。Jasonには Olivoでおいしいディナーをご馳走になって、ブレッドメーカー(パン焼き器)をもらった。Jasonの弟のAdrianからもおめでとうメールをもらい、家族が増えるって嬉しいなあって思った。

I've had a day off from work today. I need some rest to relax myself.

We've got plastic drawers, for our baby, which can fit in our closet. I did 'hot wash' of baby's gros and clothes before nicely putting them in. I did not use any washing power as our baby can have very sensitive skin.

It's my birthday, today. My big birthday. A little bit shocking to have reached this stage of my life so quick but I try to think that everybody gets old equally, and every year, I improve myself and get better.

Hiro and Koma sent me a nice Mikihouse bag for a new mother. Jason's mum sent me a pair of cute gloves. My mum sent me a Wacoal support underwear which helps put the tummy shape back after delivery! Jason gave me a bread-maker and he treated me with a nice dinner at Olivo. Jason's brother, Adrian, also passed me a message of happy birthday. I have now much bigger family, which is really nice!

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