Tuesday 16 November 2004

35W 1D 吐き気 Feeling sick

Krispy Kream

今日も会社を休む。昼寝後、気分転換にCanary Wharf に出かける。前から試したかった Krispy Kreme のドーナッツにとうとうありつけた!メイプルシロップのドーナッツは美味。私の誕生日のお祝いに、明日会社にドーナッツを持っていくことにした。2ダース購入(イギリスでは自分の誕生日に友達におごる)。また、赤ちゃん用お風呂とお部屋の温度計を購入。赤ちゃん用コットンボールも買った。80ボールでWaitroseは1.6ポンド、Tescoで1.2ポンド、Bootsで99Pだった。かなり違う。


Did not go to work today, either. After having afternoon nap, I decided to go out for some fresh air. I went to Canary Wharf. At Krispy Kreme, where I'd been wanting to try for so long, I had 2 pieces of doughnuts. The maple syrup ones are gorgeous! Bought 2 dozens of doughnuts for my colleagues, which are the treat for them for my birthday. I also bought a room and a bath thermometers for baby. Got some cotton balls, as well. 1.6 pounds at Waitrose, 1.2 pounds at Tesco, 99p at Boots for about 80 balls. Big difference!

After walking for a while, I still felt a bit dizzy. Probably I am still not in perfect shape. I could not finish dinner, either. I felt a bit sick. Is my baby pushing all my organs too hard?

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