Wednesday 17 November 2004

35W 2D トフィバナナ Toffee Banana

Toffee banana




I have a craving for Toffee Banana. We usually only see it in dessert menu at Chinese restaurants but whenever I find it, I order one. And of course, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

I usually do not like sweet or oily food. If the choice is between Tempura and Tofu pot, I choose Tofu. Between crisps and chocolate, I choose crisps. Between Toffee banana and orange sorbet, choose sorbet. Without any hesitation! Since my pregnancy entered into the 3rd trimester, I've started to choose the completely opposite. I crave for chocolate or doughnuts.

In the first trimester, I had a craving for Kimchi. But I do not have any more feelings for Kimchi now. I hope my love to sweet or oily food is just a craving during pregnancy and I will go back to the normal me. If my taste has been totally changed, I will not be able to avoid getting fatter...

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