Tuesday 23 November 2004

36W 1D 助産婦の定期健診 Regular Check-up by Midwife



36 weeks regular check-up with midwife. Blood pressure normal, urine sample blood +1, baby's heart beat normal. But the baby is still in the breech position. He does not want to get ready to come out because it's nice in there!! I've heard that baby can turn round in the last minutes and as I still have another 4 weeks, I am not that worried.

The midwife told me to ask to check the baby's position at the antenatal clinic next week. I will have another regular check-up with a midwife 2 weeks after the next. If the baby is still in the breech position, then, they will do something to try to turn the baby. And if it does not work, we have to discuss about the Caesarean.

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