Wednesday 24 November 2004

36W 2D 36週超音波検診 36 week ultrasound check-up

36 weeks 2 days

超音波検診。JasonとThe Royal London Hospital 。赤ちゃんの発育はほぼ平


ネットで調べると、AFIという羊水基準値が 9 - 20 CM なら正常、20 以上なら過多、9 以下なら過少。また、羊水ポケットが 8 CM 以上になると過多。私の今日の検査結果は AFI 26.5 CM、羊水ポケット 8.2 CM だから紛れもなく過多だ。ちなみに4週間前の結果は、AFI 20.4 CM、羊水ポケット 6.8 CM。 8週間前は、AFI 19.3 CM、羊水ポケット 6.6 CM。AFIはかなり前から過多気味だったようだ。 羊水過多は250人に1人の割合で起きる妊娠中の症状。


1. 特別な理由はなく羊水が多い

2. 赤ちゃんが巨大か双子

3. 母体の羊水の産生が多い(糖尿病合併妊娠では、赤ちゃんが高血糖となり

4. 胎児の羊水の吸収が少ない(胎児の消化管の異常など、様々な原因で羊水


Had 36th week ultrasound check-up at the Royal London Hospital. Went with Jason. The baby was fine. His estimated weight is 2.8 Kg. He is not in the breech position at all. The radiologist told us that the midwife took the head for the bottom yesterday.

It was fine so far. But the radiologist went out to talk to a midwife because she found the baby water is too much. I was sent to the antenatal fetal assessment unit, and told that I needed to have glucose tolerance test, which takes about 2.5 hours, on next Monday. Diabetes is one of the possibilities why the baby water is too much.

Checked on the internet. There is a standard to check the amount of the water called 'AFI'. AFI 9-20 cm is regarded as normal, and if the water pocket is more than 8 cm, it's also too much. The measurements today were AFI 26.5 cm, water pocket 8.2 cm. 4 weeks ago, they were AFI 20.4 cm, water pocket 6.8 cm. 8 weeks ago, AFI 19.3 cm, water pocket 6.6 cm. I must have been carrying lots of water since a couple of weeks ago. The symptom is called 'polyhydramnios ', which is a condition that occurs in about 1 in 250 pregnancies.

The reasons for polyhydramnios varies.

1. No particular reason and deliver a healthy baby

2. The baby is huge or multiple babies

3. Water produced too much - due to mother having diabetes and baby urines lots

4. Problem with baby - he can not swallow the water enough for some problems

Scary... The problem on baby's side is about 20% and normally, everything is fine. I try not to think about the worst cases but it's difficult....

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