Friday 26 November 2004

36W 4D ウエストエンドのクリスマスライトアップ Christmas Lighting at West End

Christmas Lighting


Destina Japan
ロンドン支店の仕事をしている。 Destina Japan は、日本人駐在員やハイフライヤーな外国人で、日本人女性を伴侶として求めていいる人達のための紹介所。会費も高いから質のいい人材が登録しているらしい。最近マスコミに取り上げられたことで「更にいい男性の人材」の登録が激増したらしい。私がもしシングルなら2ヶ月弱分のお給料を投資するかも・・・。

Shabu shabu

Christmas lighting at the West End this year is a bit different compared to the ones in the last couple of years. My impression was that the same displays were used every year till last year. But this year, totally new! In Oxford Street, there are a couple of lazar beams pointing to the sky, and in Regents Street, blue and red lighting curtains are beautifully hanging.

I went to Mitsukoshi restaurant for Shabu Shabu for dinner. I saw Masako chan, that I hadn't seen for more than a year, as well. Masako chan used to do some temping at SCS years ago. Now she has 2 jobs, giving coaching sessions and working for
Destina Japan.

Destina Japan is an introductory agency for Japanese men working abroad or non-Japanese men who are looking for a Japanese better-half. The membership fee is extremely high but this concept excludes the strange Japanese fetish Gaijin, for example, and the members are mostly good catches. Recently, Destina Japan has been introduced in different media in the U.K. and the registration by the men with better quality has risen, Masako said. If I were still single, I would not mind investing nearly double of my monthly salary...

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Destina Japan - I saw an English lady and 3 other japanese ladies talking about this programme, they appeared in Judy & Richard show, few weeks ago.>