Saturday 27 November 2004

36W 5D ニュージーランドの羊 Sheep in New Zealand

Sheep skin




We received another big parcel from New Zealand. It's from Jason's mum. She sent us a couple of towels with beautiful lavender embroidery, a blue baby blanket made from New Zealand wool and a sheepskin rug!

There are 10 times more sheep than human beings in New Zealand. When I was still working in Singapore, I once happened to be in a Muslim festival, which involved slaughtering sheep as preys for god. There were lots of sheep in a couple of small enclosures in a park. I wondered if there were any sheep in Singapore?? One of my friends told me that they were imported from New Zealand.....

Anyway, we do not need to buy a baby gym. We can put the sheepskin in the sitting room and lay our baby on it. After all, he is a half New Zealander and it isn't a bad idea to get him familiar with sheep in the early stage?

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