Tuesday 30 November 2004

37W 1D できれば避けたい・・・ Want to avoid it if possible...

Rapsberry tea



マッサージ以外に、ラズベリー葉茶を飲むと、出口が柔らかくなってよいという話しを、さがみさんにお借りしていた「ファットレディースクラブ」(The Fat Ladies Club) というイギリスの妊婦たちのエッセイ本で知った。ネットでサーチしてみると、コベントガーデンの
Neal's Yard


Approaching the X day, I've started to feel strongly that I want to avoid Episiotomy. The massage we were recommended at the Antenatal class has been done for only a couple of times because it is so uncomfortable. We are supposed to start the massage from 6 weeks before the due date. It will be probably too late now but we have started it again anyway.

I can not reach there by myself, and apparently, Jason has to do it. It must be a very strange scene if somebody was looking at us. There is a 9 month pregnant woman with a huge bump lying on bed in a room with dim light . She is half naked. A man is putting the head in between her legs with his eyes wide open. He is massaging 'there' with his olive oil soaked fingeres. Oh, my god! How embarrassing!

Apart from massages, I've found that Raspberry leaf tea is good. It soften the 'entrance'. I got this information in the book I borrowed from Sagami, 'The Fat Ladies Club'. On the internet, the web site of
Neal's Yard

says it is good for baby's delivery. I bought a box of the tea and have started to drink plenty every day since.

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