Wednesday 1 December 2004

37W 2D 出産前クリニック Antenatal Clinic

出産前クリニックに The Royal London Hospital に行く。今日は腎臓問題のフォローアップと月曜に受けた血糖値テストの結果を聞いた。





Went to the Antenatal clinic at the Royal London Hospital for the kidney problem follow-up and the result of the Glucose Tolerance test.

The kidney problem. They found some protein in the urine sample today and the doctor arranged me to have 24 hour urine collection check. Well, throughout my pregnancy, I've had protein found from time to time, but always only +1, and I don't really understand why I have to go for this test at this stage. Anyway, I was given a plastic tank to collect urine! I don't think I can carry this around at work.....

The Glucose Tolerance test shows the possibility of Gestational diabetes is now cleared. Ok, I then have Polyhydramnios without any known causes. According to the doctor, Polyhydramnios patients have risks to deliver baby prematurely or water break early because our body can not hold the weight of the baby and the excess water any longer. When these happen, usually the maternity gestation is still early or excess water make the baby still move freely, the baby is possibly not settled yet. And there is a risk of the umbilical cord pulled down into vagina before the baby's head, which may cause the oxygen supply to the baby cut by the pressure of the baby's weight on the cord. Usually we go for an emergency caesarean.

The doctor advised me to contact the Labour Ward immediately if water break. At the moment, my baby's head is down and in the good position to get ready to be engaged. Once the baby is settled, the umbilical cord problem will probably not happen, she added. I asked her about 'water break'. Some women have 'gushing' break, others have 'dripping' flows. I hope gushing one will not happen to me when I am on tube, for example...

Additional information from the internet. The water increase during pregnancy to about 800 to 1000 ML, which peaks at around 36, 37 weeks, then slightly decrease towards the 40th week. If polyhydramnios is severe, the water amount can be tippled. Because of the risk of premature delivery, patients are often advised to rest as much as possible, which includes giving up work.

I may have picked up at the peak of the water amount and I'm not in the 'premature delivery' stage any longer. But I will try to rest as much as possible to be on the safe side. One of the sites reads 'If a detailed scan shows nothing untoward, your baby is almost certainly fine.' This makes me feel much better. In any case, I have a confident that I will not get panic whatever happens. I am old enough to know how life is going....

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